निर्वाचन प्रचार सामाग्री

Terms & Conditions

Literature of Humor & Satire genre prospers where malfunctioning in the system get rampant. Nevertheless, we don’t want the situation to be congenial where this genre would be in the black. In other words, we wish for the waning of corruption, evil, wickedness and malevolence. The objective of Humor & Satire literature is to expose the misconducts and wish for the establishment of decency in the system; and that is the goal of Fitkauli as well.

Obscenities and swearwords can not be labeled as humor. This has been the principal value of Fitkauli since the time of its inception. This will continue to be our guiding principle in the days to come.

Fitkauli online portal has earned recognition in Nepalese Humor & Satire literature. It is a platform for both established and newbies humorists dwelling inside Nepal or aboard. It provides space for creatively twisted poem, parody, comics, contemporary cartoons, witty essays, critiques, book review and also comedy short clips.

Starting its journey as a monthly magazine, Fitkauli has been an individual endeavor since its origin. Nevertheless, from now on it will become a collective effort and will aim to make a commercial transformation for its own sustainability. A team of adviser, editors, writers, technicians, managers, representatives is involved as Fitkauli militants.